Dr. Harold Shipman – Part 2

The common denominator for Fred and Primrose was that they were both lonely and sexually frustrated, and the secret glances between them on the top deck of the Wetherby bus, interpreted so easily as falling in love, were founded on a recognition of their own need in each other. Within a few months of arriving in Leeds, Fred had acquired the status he craved: he had a girlfriend. They were extremely attracted to each other and very much enjoyed each others company. Neither of them had any sexual experience, so they tentatively started exploring each other. They were intensely happy, high on first love, proud of sexual success, and as confused as many others at the time about just how much of the new freedom to enjoy. Not knowing the rules of how far to go, not daring to buy condoms, they had unprotected sex, and Primrose, to the astonishment of everyone who knew her, became pregnant.


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