Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono | The Hillside Stranglers – Part 4

kenneth bianchi, the hillside stranglers

Naked, she tried to beg, pleading with both cousins for her to be let go. Buono was put off by her unshaven legs and derided her as quote/unquote “some kind of a health nut.” He decided to pass up the sex this time, not even bothering to flip a coin, growing sullen and resentful at this affront to his intentions. Watching Bianchi trying to work up some enthusiasm for rape in the spare bedroom, Buono handed him a root-beer bottle. This Bianchi violently inserted into the young woman’s vagina, causing significant pain. Bianchi applied the bottle with such eagerness and animation that he made her bleed, much to Buono’s irritation. Not out of pity for the woman, but because blood would stain his sheets and carpets. To make sure she did not bleed on the carpet when she was strangled, Buono spread a piece of her coat on the floor.


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