Robert Pickton | The Pigfarm Killer – Part 2

The women who vanished from the Downtown Eastside in 1995 were not the community’s only victims that year; they were just the ones whose fate was not known. People were finally talking about a serial killer hunting for victims in the Downtown Eastside when, in August 1995, the battered body of thirty-year-old Tracy Olajide was found in a wooded area near the Agassiz Mountains, about fifty kilometres east of Vancouver. Tammy Pipe’s body was found three weeks later, on the 6th of September, about nine kilometres from the site where Olajide’s body had been dumped. The third victim in this group, found by a hunter near Mission, was Victoria Younker, thirty-five. Each was a prostitute from the Downtown Eastside, each was an addict, and all three had been living in the Vernon Rooms hotel at the intersection of Hastings and Vernon.


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