Harold Shipman – Part 1

harold shipman

Her death was discovered when, on Wednesday the 24 th of June. She had failed to turn up at Werneth House to help with the lunches. When telephone calls to her home went unanswered the caretaker from the pensioners’ centre in Lord Derby Road, John Green, and one of the volunteers, Ronald Pickford, went to the house and, failing to get a reply to their knock, let themselves in through a door they were surprised to find unlocked. In the living room they discovered Mrs Grundy, fully clothed, curled up on the sofa as if asleep. She looked peaceful, but had a grey complexion. Mr Pickford knew that Shipman was her GP, and knew his number. When the doctor arrived about ten minutes later he told John Green that he had seen Mrs Grundy earlier that morning but ‘only for a talk’. He said she must have been well enough to get dressed, as when he saw her she was in her night clothes. He carried out what the police described as a ‘cursory examination’ of the body and told the two men she had had a quote/unquote ‘a cardiac arrest’.


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