Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono | The Hillside Stranglers – Part 2

kenneth bianchi, the hillside stranglers

The two men was confident that they enjoyed complete privacy, there were no risk of prying eyes and since the house was located where it was; no outsiders could hear anyone scream. Buono got out and walked over to the laundry-room door at the side of the house, unlocking it. Sparky the dog was waiting on the steps but knew not to enter the house. When the girl asked what kind of place they had brought her to, they replied that the house was in fact a satellite police station. Quite unique. The men guided the girl into the house. She did not resist, she was still under the impression that the men were police officers and that all she had in store was a night in jail and perhaps a fine, worst case scenario a few months behind bars. As Buono secured the deadbolt, Bianchi guided the girl into the living room and sat her down in the brown vinyl easy chair.


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