Elias Abuelazam


Elias Abuelazam (Arabicالياس أبو عزام‎, Hebrewאליאס אבו אל עזאם‎, born August 29, 1976) is an Israeli-Arab convicted murderer, and suspect of racial[1] serial killing and multiple stabbings. He is suspected in a string of 18 stabbing attacks in the spring and summer of 2010 which resulted in five deaths. Most of the alleged attacks occurred in Genesee CountyMichigan(particularly in and around Flint). Five stabbings occurred outside of Michigan: three in LeesburgVirginia and another in ToledoOhio, and one in his native home in RamlaIsrael. All of Abuelazam’s alleged victims were described as “small framed” (e.g. short, thin, non-muscular) men, most of them African Americans.


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